Summer students 2012

28 Aug

We’ve just said goodbye to our last students of the summer and we’re finally getting our house back to some sort of order….

It’s been a busy 8 week season which began on 30th June this year with Leonardo, Matteo and Gabrielle from Milan. Only 11 years old and their first trip to England, they were here for 2 rainy weeks with their school teachers to learn English and our culture. They left Italy in 38 degrees and arrived in Exmouth in 17 degrees, travelling for 2 days in their own school coach.

Leonardo, Matteo and Gabrielle with Lavinia and Louis at dinner.

The morning they left, we greeted Kevin and Jacob in the evening. Kevin had already introduced himself to us in an email which we were very impressed with. Friends both 14 and from Hamburg, they presented us with a variety of gifts advertising Hamburg: mugs, bowls with sweets, pencils, a mobile phone holder and an oven glove! They stayed with us for 2 weeks and visited London for the day on the middle Saturday. I can remember they probably had the best of the weather and made use of the beach whilst the sun was out! (Apart from the first Sunday when the photo was taken!) We watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics with them on their last night, although cringing at the outfits Germany had to wear!

Jacob and Kevin with Emma, Louis and Lavinia on the beach

They left at 7am on Saturday morning, meaning we had a day to ourselves before Joshua and Malte were due to arrive at 9pm. We had taken the opportunity to hold a barbeque party with friends, some of which were still here when they arrived! Bringing gifts of chocolates, Jagermeister and a clock with a street map of Kassel, the laid-back 15 year olds were warmly welcomed into our home. In fact Joshua turned 15 on the middle Saturday of his visit and his mother had given Malte a cake to surprise his friend with. Visiting Exeter, Cornwall and Dartmoor and having long conversations with us about all sorts of things, these two Germans really had a good experience of their stay. (Sorry I didn’t take a photo of you whilst you were here, but if you’re reading this in your home forest, please send me a photo you took during your stay and I can upload it here.)

Joshua and Malte left at 7am on their second Saturday and by 8:30am we were welcoming Timo and Davis from Hameln, famous for the Pied Piper story.  I remember the night they arrived we watched the Olympics closing ceremony and they also cringed at the German outfits! Both 14 and on a football camp, this meant everyday (apart from the day they arrived) was taken up with football when they weren’t learning English. One day I remember they played 4 games of football in the afternoon and evening. Timo and Davis only stayed for 1 week and the only visit they could fit into their busy schedule was to Exeter.

Bastian and Anthony just before leaving on their coach.

Leaving at 7:30am on the following Saturday, we had just over an hour to clean up the guest suite in time for the arrival of Bastian and Anthony, also from Hameln. Both their Mothers had emailed us before they arrived to let us know a little about their sons – it was useful to know that they liked Nutella and baked beans! Also on a week’s football camp and very busy – it was a pity there wasn’t much time to spend together at home, but they enjoyed playing with our children and even learnt about cricket from them! Thank you for the gifts you gave us, telling us about Hameln and the biscuits. Learning about where you come from has inspired us to travel, too!

We have really enjoyed having our young visitors this summer, despite the early Saturday mornings and endless sandwich-making 7 days a week. Now we have just over a week to ourselves before our children start school…


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